2015 Design Trends


Maximize the functionality of interior space.
Reinvent idea of storage.
Strive for clean and uncluttered homes.
Promote a playful and more creative approach to design.

Combine storage with other design elements to maximize space utilization.
Be creative in designing storage for large possessions.


storage stairs


As houses become smaller, Architects must utilize all the space available for storage and activity.

The Panorama House, designed by Seoul studio Moon Hoon, features a combined
staircase and bookshelf. Intended for a family with four children, the home is arranged within a linear footprint with an upper and lower spatial organization. The central multi-functional area includes bookshelves, reading nooks, cinema seating oriented towards a projection screen and a slide for a quick and fun method of maneuvering through the interior. This design element not only brings a dynamic energy to the dwelling, but expresses interesting spatial relationships between programmatic elements.



Facing the common inner-city dilemma of a lack of space, architects are designing innovative storage solutions for larger processions, such as bicycles.

House Bruce Alexander, renovated by Tribe Studio, features a unique pulley system that
allows the family’s bikes to be hoisted and stored between the two upstairs bathrooms. A skylight was installed above this storage area to let natural light flood in and become
beautifully distorted by the bicycles as it travels down into the atrium. The bicycle pulley system in the atrium is viewed through small hinged openings from the upstairs bathroom. Tribe Studio has not only defined the new use of space, but has done so in accordance with the client’s needs.