South Africa’s energy crisis has everyone searching for solutions. We spoke to Evan Lockhart-Barker, General Manager Marketing for Saint-Gobain in Southern Africa, about Saint-Gobain’s move towards a more sustainable way of doing business. Who is Evan Lockhart-Barker? I was born and raised in Bloemfontein and graduated from St Andrews School before completing a degree in Marketing through […]

2015 Design Trends

STORAGE INSPIRATION Maximize the functionality of interior space. Reinvent idea of storage. Strive for clean and uncluttered homes. Promote a playful and more creative approach to design. APPLICATION Combine storage with other design elements to maximize space utilization. Be creative in designing storage for large possessions. INTERGRATED STAIRCASE INTERGRATED STAIRCASE As houses become smaller, Architects […]

Biomimicry in Architecture by Michael Pawlyn (Book Review)

  We’re big on biomimicry here at TreeHugger. Over the six years that I’ve been writing for this site I think it’s without doubt one of the most exciting developments in sustainable design I’ve seen. How can we fail to be inspired by Mother Nature? It’s the eternal contradiction in man’s relationship with the environment that as […]

10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends in 2014

  1.  Passive Homes One of the most prevalent trends in the architectural world today is the shift towards a reduction in the consumption of energy; a reduction in carbon emissions, a focus on green principles.  The passive home deals with this entire issue of wasted energy and carbon emissions, and it’s because of this […]