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Formed in 1999 Property Commerce celebrated its 15th Birthday in 2014.

We have achieved a consistent track record of committed professional service, which has earned us an established client base, and a significant number of respected appointments.

Property Commerce is a vibrant, creative firm dealing in the business of property with a well-established vision of providing excellent professional service to all levels of the public and private sectors.

Property Commerce believes that good design must be packaged in competent management skills where time, cost and quality are paramount.

We offer the resources of an established organization, whilst delivering the focused attention of a smaller firm.

Core services
Property Commerce is situated in Bloemfontein. Our total staff compliment offers expert services in the corporate, commercial, retail, education, refurbishment, residential, leisure and sport facility sectors. Apart from our architectural consultancy services, we also offer expert project management and are specialists in the property development and estate agency functions. PCA is enrolled as a corporate member of SAIA and operates according to their code of ethics.

Sustainability has become a key factor in the future of the built environment and we therefore strive to perfect each project as self-sustainable as possible within the client brief.

Social responsibility is, at least in part, a matter of believing passionately and absolutely in the potential of architecture to improve the quality of life.

Infrastructure & facilities
Property Commerce is well established with an experienced team, extensive computer services and a good track record on residential and large building projects. Disciplined organisational management and a history of sensible design has ensured the success of Property Commerce.

Design Philosophy
Architecture is generally a conceived, designed, and realized, built-in response to an existing set of conditions. These conditions may be purely functional in nature, or they may also reflect in varying degrees the social, political, and economic climate.

Property Commerce’s extensive experience in property has developed the vision of creating a healthy lifestyle for each individual, a willingness to share that experience with you as the client. And put you where your property wants to be.

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One of the things that sets us apart is our ability to design and implement pivotal projects, campaigns and strategies on tight timelines. We have the experience helping clients to succeed in their dream projects, and we’re just getting started.